• Evento
    • Nome: Biliary Laparoscopy
      Local: School of Medicine, University of Minho
      Data: 14 to 15 of October of 2024
  • Formulário
    • Título: Biliary Laparoscopy
      Contacto: training@b-acis.pt
      Data: 6 of February at 00:00 to 13 of October of 2024 at 00:00 UTC+0
      Estado: Available
  • Detalhes

    • The basis to laparoscopic exploration of the common bile duct is the maintenance of the biliary environment. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that these procedures have better clinical short and long-term results. Cost-effectiveness studies also confer it undeniable superiority relative to the treatment of biliary lithiasis by way of cholecystectomy and ERCP. Nevertheless, the complexity of the techniques and the pressure by gastroenterologists has limited its widespread implementation. This course aims to systematize the technique based on decision protocols. The development of surgical skills is maintained from simple cholecystectomy towards treatment of common bile duct stones without risks for the patients. Practical exercises will be undertaken on inanimate, organic, and animal models. Training includes choledocoscopy, cholangiography, suture and biliary anastomosis.
      This course does not provide credentials for the exercise of medicine for those without appropriate training, recognition and registered at the "Ordem dos Médicos".

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