• Evento
    • Nome: ERCP - From Basics to Expertise
      Local: Escola de Medicina, Universidade do Minho - Braga
      Data: 1 a 2 de abril de 2022
  • Formulário
    • Título: Formulário de inscrição
      Contacto: training@b-acis.pt
      Data: Desde 12 de Janeiro de 2022 às 00:00 UTC+0
      Estado: Fechado
  • Detalhes
    • In order to acquire competency in ERCP it is essential not only to master the use of a duodenoscope and cannulate the appropriate duct, but also to interpret a cholangiogram and be proficient in the various therapeutic techniques. Other essential skills, often overlooked include the detailed knowledge of the indications, risks, limitations and measures to prevent some potentially life-threatening complications.
      ERCP courses, which provide simultaneously the state-of-the-art essentials of the technique and offer the opportunity for hands-on training, are scarce worldwide.

      During this 2 days course, trainees and junior GI specialists will have the opportunity for practice and refine essential ERCP skills in specialized exclusive models supervised by our faculty, on an intensive hands-on experience. Concise up-to-date reviews regarding ERCP will be provided. Live demonstrations will occur in the morning of first day, with step-by-step discussions of alternatives actions will allow close interaction with the faculty. 

      This course does not provide credentials for the exercise of medicine for those without appropriate training, recognition and registered at the "Ordem dos Médicos" or international equivalent institutions.​
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