• Evento
    • Nome: Fetal and Neonatal Endoscopic Surgery
      Local: School of Medicine, University of Minho
      Data: 15 to 17 of March of 2023
  • Formulário
    • Título: Fetal and Neonatal Endoscopic Surgery
      Contacto: training@b-acis.pt
      Data: 13 of September of 2022 at 17:35 to 15 of March of 2023 at 17:35 UTC+0
      Estado: Closed
  • Detalhes

      The activities of the summer course will include two distinct methodological approaches:
        1. Seminars: seminars by renowned speakers will focus on the major topics in the programme of the course.  
        2. Interactive Clinical Cases: interactive clinical cases sessions will allow the application of the concepts addressed in the seminars in specific clinical situations based in real-life clinical experience. In these sessions, the participants will be organized in groups, will be supervised by faculty members and will present and discuss each clinical case.  

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