• Evento
    • Nome: Braga Otology Surgery Course
      Local: Escola de Medicina, Universidade do Minho - Braga
      Data: 16 de maio de 2022 a 20 de maio de 2021
  • Formulário
    • Título: Formulário de inscrição
      Contacto: training@b-acis.pt
      Data: 23 de Fevereiro às 08:00 a 18 de Maio de 2021 às 23:59 UTC+0
      Estado: Fechado
  • Detalhes
    • Otologic surgery is an evolving area of constant technical improvement. It is critical that all young otologic surgeons master the basics to progress to more advanced techniques and, on the other hand, that the experienced surgeon has the opportunity to share knowledge among peers and also to review some concepts in order to be able to evolve further. With this in mind, the first edition of this course is announced, which aims to fully address the various aspects of otologic surgery, covering basic and essential topics, as well as more advanced themes such as lateral skull base surgery, keeping in mind the future with techniques such as endoscopic ear surgery and surgery of eustachian tube.

      The oficial language of this theoretical-practical is English. The total duration is 45 hours.

      (This course does not provide credentials for the exercise of medicine for those without appropriate training, recognition and registered at the "Ordem dos Médicos" or international equivalent institutions.)
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