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    • To register on this course fill out the form below. Later, you will receive an email with payment details. 

      Target Group
      Residents of surgical specialties

      Number of vacancies
      30 places

      195,00 €

      The fee includes
      All the necessary material
      Lunches and coffee-breaks

      In order to enable the dynamics of hands-on practical sessions, the 30 participants will be divided into groups of 10 in order to respect all the rules and safety guidelines decreed by the Direção Geral da Saúde (DGS) - National Health Regulator, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In this way, each group will carry out the practical component on specific days according to the course program. Participants will be assigned to the respective groups by order of registration and will be informed in due time of the days when they will have to be present for the hands-on sessions.

      Registration fee payment and invoicing policy
      After submitting the registration form, you will receive an email with the payment details. To complete the registration process, you should proceed with the payment and send the receipt to eventos@b.acis.pt within 5 days.

      The correct indication of personal data during the payment process, including a correct tax number, are the sole responsibility of the participant. B.ACIS is not responsible for any errors that may result from inaccurate information provided by the participant, particularly in the issuance of tax documents which are not susceptible to cancellation after issued. 

      Your registration will be effective after confirmation of payment. If payment is not concluded in due time we will have to cancel the registration.

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  • Informações Gerais
    • Entity identification
      Name: B.ACIS - Associação Ciência, Inovação e Saúde - Braga
      NIF: 515 225 983
      Address: ICVS - Escola de Medicina Universidade do Minho - Campus de Gualtar 4710-057 Braga - Portugal

      Refund policy 
      1. In case of cancellation by the participant, the participant will be refunded in the following terms: 
         a. Cancellation 30 or more days before the course takes place: 100% of the registration fee will be refunded; 
         b. Cancellation within 15 days of the course: 50% of the registration fee will be refunded; 
         c. Cancellation 8 days or less from the course: no refund will be given. 
      2. In case of cancellation of the course by the organization, participants will have a refund of 100% of the registration fee.

      Applicable laws
      B.ACIS organization is responsible for the final decision, in accordance with Portuguese legislation and European Regulations in force at the time of the occurrence.

      Payment options
      Payments are accepted through:
      Multibanco: The amount will be immediately debited from your account when paying at ATM or Home Banking;
      Payment will be made in Euros €.
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      Inscrição no curso de Basic Laparoscopy for Residents
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